From Elise B.

Great stay! Other reviews are accurate, the super saver is older but very clean and incredibly affordable.  The owners are so nice they offered to mail me my wedding ring that I left in the bathroom, without even a question about how it would be paid for. Highly recommended!

From Kristal J.


From Danny J.

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From Shawn S.


This motel is a great find. Great rates clean well taken care of. Locally owned. They live right there ! Very helpful. I stay in motels 50-60 nights a year at least ( ride motorcycle all over country - retired ) these people really care about the customer. Shame I can only give 5 stars.

This place is truly a great find. If you are just looking for a clean place that doesn't cost a fortune to stay. This is it. It isn't fancy and it doesn't have a ton of amenities, but everything to need for sleeping, shower and fridge. The only bad this is the road noise but it's not horrible. I've heard worse.  Clean!

UPDATE: upon checking out, chatted with the owner. She just bought this 2 years ago and is remodeling it one room at a time. We got one of the newly remodeled rooms.

The best Ma and Pa Inn in the West!

This place I tried due to another review..I am very happy I stopped. The price was right and not outrageous at all. Sooooo clean and everything I needed...which was just a bed and a shower and some good sleep. Not noisy at all, comfy bed and super great pillows. Smelled clean and I felt safe...Loved the owners, good people!

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